Case Study: Ardent

What We Did

New Design & On-Page SEO

Ardent is a business that focuses on getting manufacturers sales reps for their products. The niche is very competitive and the top sites of the industry are spending quite a bit on adwords and other PPC methods. 

The old site was not designed or developed with that in mind and that is where we had to make a drastic change. This was more than just a redesign, this was starting from the ground up to build a solid foundation to exactly what Mr. Woodhouse wanted.

The Challenge

After a full site audit, we noticed that the site had SSL intergraded but the site was not fully secure, it was calling images from other url’s that was not associated with ardent. 

Once we fixed all the SSL issues it was on to the internal coding. We basically had to go in and erase what the site was working with and develop the site with clean code that could pass validation.

Our Solution

Once we completed validated behind the scenes, next it was to make the website more appealing to his target market. We researched Mr. Woodhouse’s competition to see exactly what they were doing to get their site to the top of the search engines and get people to start taking action with his new look and function.

The Old Website & Brand

A Complete Overhaul was needed

The Results

Within 60 days of the new site and increasing the google quality score, we were able to decrease Ardent’s pay-per-click spending by more than $250 a month while still being competitive in the niche. 

We also got his brand in front of more potential clients by submitting the new and improved site to the proper directories that were geared towards his target market. With the exposure increased visits to the website which turned into more calls.

  • 87% Traffic Increase
  • 67% Increased Interactions
  • 89% Site Speed Improvement
  • 100% Responsive
  • 37% Increased Visitor Length
  • -$249 PPC Monthly Spending

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